How To Buy A Property At Auction On A Shoestring Budget with Allen Baitcher

Allan Baitcher is one of the most recognized personalities, as antique and personal property appraisers. He is also a “Legal expert” as defined by the court in numerous states, works frequently for the United States Customs Service, and has been recognized many times as a highly qualified antiques expert by numerous government agencies and legal entities
For buyers looking for a slice of the UK property market, auctions offer the opportunity to invest beyond traditional slab and mortar house purchases. From ground rents and garages to unusual buildings and properties with life holder, there are plenty of ways to access the property market in addition to boast a home. For first-time auction buyers, read how to buy a property at auction.
The appeal of different property investments varies greatly depending on the type of asset an investor is looking for. While ground rents and parking lot can offer regular income, properties with a life holder in site, unusual buildings and land often have greater potential long-term gains.
Allen Baitcher

Ground rents

Ground rents are well-liked auction lots, offering banker a low barrier to entry with good potential returns. Buying a ground rent gives the owner the parcel of a property, receiving regular payments from resident. These have become increasingly desired after over the last ten years, enabling buyers to access parts of the UK property market for a portion of the price of a house.


Garages have also proved popular with property investors, often making headlines for achieving incredibly high prices in prime central London. But garages do still offer good potential returns. In city and town locations where many properties do not come with off-street parking and for those close to good public transport links, garages can be let out for thousands of pounds each year. Meanwhile, blocks of garages or those with parcels of land can make good development sites subject to planning assent.

Properties with a life tenant

For cash buyers focused on capital growth rather than apartment yields, properties with lifetime holder often offer an attractive investment opportunity. Occupied properties can sell for up to 50 per cent less than equivalent vacant properties, giving large scope for value growth. The tenant will cover all associated bills and is responsible for maintaining the property to a good standard and once deserted all rights return to the owner. Properties with regulated holding offer similar long-term investment potential.

Unusual buildings

Former pumping stations, water towers, nuclear bunkers, public toilets and alleyways have all been in our auction brochures over the years. Investors can stand to make extensive gains by taking on the magical and wonderful, either by converting unusual properties into a more traditional commercial or residential offering, or taking a long term view and waiting for capital growth.


Live or Ballroom Auction | Allan Baitcher

Auctions are fine methods of bringing clarity to the sale of assets for the partition of a partnership or the sale of assets in a bankruptcy situation for the benefit of creditors. It’s basically the process of selling goods by contribute them at a starting price, taking bids and then selling to the highest bidder.

When we talk about antique and personal property appraisers and auctioneers in the United States, one name which springs in mind, that’s Allan Baitcher. He is a well-known name as an antique and personal property appraisers and auctioneers, who provides you with the most correct pricing information to maximize your return on investment. Having almost 22 years of participation in the United States, Allan Baitcher can suggest you in better way, If you are seeing filing an insurance claim or are seeing  in loss avoidance, valuation and authentication , proof of reality, an antique appraisal will provide the official documents you need to protect your assets and manage your wealth.

 Allan Baitcher auctioned the most Items in 30 Minutes earning him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The event was held at Gallery 63 and Baitcher sold one item every 7 seconds for 30 minutes straight! Watch the video here.

When most people think of auctions, they picture a live auction that takes place on a single day. But these days, there are more options than ever that can make the process more available and open the bidding up to buyers all over the world. As the seller, it’s up to you to decide which auction setting and agenda is the best fit for your destruction needs.Auctions are used as an efficient way of raising funds through the sale of items at the best price possible. The term auction is normally used to refer to the various types of sale in which the price of the item being sold is not set preceding to the event or arrived at through conference or haggling. Instead, the selling price of the item on auction is determined through a competitive bidding process. Some of the most common types of auctions are live auction, silent auction and online auction. The distinction between these types of auctions comes from the action of the bidders.


Live or Ballroom Auction

It is also called the live on-site auction. This type of auction is usually control in a meeting facility or room such as a hotel meeting or indoor location meeting facility. Most likely, the interested bidders have already approved the property being auctioned. Pictures and descriptions of the property on sale may be displayed in the ballroom when the bidding process is officially opened.

The auctioneer in the ballroom auction stands before the audience of bidders and observer as he or she calls out the bids and asking for higher bids on the property being sold. This type of auction is said to be clear because all the bidders compete openly in an open place at the same time. Although a competing  bidding environment usually produces the highest selling price, the winning and the losing bid might not be distinict by a big gap because bidders keep observing the behavior of others, which can make the bidding process drag.

Online Auction

During online auctions bidders compete on a particular service or product and submit their bids online or over the internet. Internet auctions have become an important part of electronic commerce because of the flexibility and possibilities they provide.

In this type of auction, the property is put on sale on the internet. Therefore, there are no on-site bidders. Typical sale of the property on sale is conducted over computers connected to the internet. Auctions done on the internet have specific timelines (opening and closing dates), and sometimes with fixed increments of bids. Bidders enter their bids against other competing bidders on the internet for the same item. Sometimes, proxy bids are used when a bidder would like to set a predetermined highest bid he or she can make.

Sealed Bid Auction

This type of auction is used where confidential bids are preferred. The submitted bids are opened at a place and time that were predetermined earlier on before the auction process commenced. In the event that the seller is seeing optional terms of sale, sealed auctions are usually chosen. Also, when there is more than just one item or service in the same auction, all coming as one bundle or assembly, the auctioneer may choose to use closed auctions so that each bidder can determine the best combinations that meet their own needs to bid on.

The Best Type of Auction

When selecting the type of auction to use in your business, you ought to consider the merits and demerits of each type of bid. Whereas ballroom auctions are one of the traditional types of auctions, it limits you to bidders who can make it to the venue of the property being sold. It also involves a lot of logistics such as hiring a venue, which prove to be expensive.


Looking For Best Appraiser and Auctioneer | Allan Baitcher | Antique Appraisals

When we talk about Appraiser and Auction, then we need an expert advice that has wealth of knowledge, integrity, and decades of experience with fine tangibles to every appraisal. In Appraisal people want a professional opinion of value where they get to know what something is worth, in order to adequately insure it, sell it, buy it, donate it, tax it, collateralize it, etc. People consult Auctioneers to appraise real and personal property for court actions such as estates, guardianships, bankruptcy, divorce and other civil cases. For Appraiser and Auction, we want an objective, impartial, and unbiased opinion about the value.

Allan Baitcher auctioned the most Items in 30 Minutes earning him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The event was held at Gallery 63 and Baitcher sold one item every 7 seconds for 30 minutes straight! Watch the video here.

So, Here I have taken a name who is proficient Appraiser and Auctioneer in United States, Allan Baitcher. Being an owner of Antique Appraisals, he performs the live auctions himself. A Licensed professional auctioneer by trade he provides each organization a proven format for successful auction results in the future. He is a member of the American Appraisers Association and a well-known name as an antique and personal property appraisers and auctioneers, who provides you with the most accurate pricing information to maximise your return on investment.

allenHaving almost 22 years of experience, Allan Baitcher can suggest you in a better way, If you are considering for filing an insurance claim or are concerning in loss prevention, evaluation and documentation or proof of existence. He has currently travelled throughout the world as a proficient appraiser for private individuals, museums, and collections

He is also a “Legal expert” as defined by the court in numerous states, works frequently for the United States Customs Service. He has been acknowledging as a highly competent antique expert by numerous government agencies and legal entities. His appraisal report is a professional and carefully written with required standards. It is suitable for submission to insurance companies, the courts, the Internal Revenue Service and all private clients.

Allan Baitcher, as an antique and personal property appraisers and auctioneers, has been featured in many articles including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspapers, Atlanta Magazine, The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Peachtree Magazine, and numerous other local and many national publications. One of the biggest achievements for Allan Baitcher is he set a world record in an auction. He is the auctioneer there where an item was sold every 7 seconds for 30 minutes at Gallery 63 in Atlanta, GA. Every Live auction of Allan Baitcher is for charity. A live auction gives an audience a chance to participate and to learn about the organization all at the same time. He believes that it’s important to attempt something different from time to time.

If you want to take assistance from one of the world’s leading experts in the field of antique and personal property appraisers and auctioneers, you can concern to Allan Baitcher. It doesn’t matter you are looking for an antique appraiser, jewelry appraiser, art appraiser, automobile appraiser, or furniture appraiser. His professional experience exceeds that of most antique appraisers practicing today. He is a world record holder with over two decades of experience and has achieved notoriety by appearing on multiple television programs. Allan Baitcher’s valuations are respected by dealers, collectors, insurance companies, and tax authorities.